Breaking String Theater presents: Vodka, F*cking and Television


Vodka, F*cking and Television is a dark comedy about a struggling writer, and the vices holding him back. In Kurochkin’s hands, this familiar plot gets a surprising twist: The vices become personified, and each gets a chance to justify their presence in the hero's life, or get the boot. Inspired by artistic malaise, Vodka, F*cking and Television is like the Cohen Brothers' Barton Fink meets Sartre's No Exit. Directed by frequent Breaking String collaborator Liz Fisher, and featuring performances by noted artists Adriene Mishler, Joey Hood, Jude Hickey and Noel Gaulin, and design by Ia Enstera (scenic), Steven Shirey (lights), Glenda Barnes (costumes) and Lowell Bartholomee (video), and set within the embracing closeness of Hyde Park Theatre’s black box theatre space, VF&T promises to make a splash in Austin this holiday season.


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12.15.12 | 10:00 pm
12.15.12 | 8:00 pm
12.14.12 | 10:00 pm
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12.14.12 | 8:00 pm
12.13.12 | 8:00 pm
12.9.12 | 8:00 pm
12.8.12 | 8:00 pm
12.7.12 | 8:00 pm
12.6.12 | 8:00 pm
12.3.12 | 8:00 pm
12.1.12 | 8:00 pm
11.30.12 | 8:00 pm
11.29.12 | 8:00 pm


511 W. 43rd St.
Austin, TX 78751


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$15-$20 (Except on Industry Night: Monday, December 3rd)