Cheers! to Cheese: Mocktails and Cheese at drink.well

cheese plates and drinks at Antonelli's Cheese Shop
Cheese plates at Antonelli's.  Photo courtesy of Antonelli's Cheese Shop/Facebook

Antonelli's Cheese Shop and drink.well team up for an evening of "mocktails" and cheeses. Four beverages composed by the mixologists of drink.well will be served alongside four of Antonelli's finest cheeses, which have been especially chosen to highlight the bold and subtle flavors and aromas of the featured drinks. Your friends from drink.well and Antonelli's Cheese Shop will guide you through the tasting, sharing the influences, ingredients and stories behind the drinks and cheeses. 

Event Details


9.22.14 | 6:00 pm


207 E. 53rd St.
Austin, TX


Ticket Info

Tickets: $40