The City Theatre Company Presents: A Streetcar Named Desire

City Theatre Company presents Streetcar Named Desire

The Tennessee Williams play that revolutionized modern American theatre and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama comes to life in Austin. Immerse yourself in the torrid life of Blanche Du Bois, southern school teacher and socialite, as she is forced to move in with her pregnant sister, Stella, and explosive husband Stanley. Her fragile world slowly crumbles as she quickly learns brutal lessons of passion and deceit in the underbelly of hot and steamy 1940s New Orleans. Embodying the turmoil of a changing nation, Streetcar strips Williams’ tortured characters of their illusions, leaving a wake of destruction in their path.

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8.18.13 | 5:30 pm
8.17.13 | 8:00 pm
8.16.13 | 8:00 pm
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8.15.13 | 8:00 pm


3823 Airport Blvd. Suite D
Austin, TX 78722


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Tickets: $10-$25