Cloud Gate Theatre of Taiwan presents Rice

Rice - Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan
Photo courtesy of AT&T Performing Arts Center

Cloud Gate is the name of the oldest known dance in China. In 1973, it was adopted for the first contemporary dance company in any Chinese speaking community. Its 24 dancers are trained in meditation, Qi Gong, internal martial arts, modern dance, ballet, and calligraphy. The company transforms ancient aesthetics into a thrilling modern celebration of motion.

On the occasion of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan’s 40th anniversary, internationally renowned choreographer Lin Hwai-min created Rice, inspired by the energy and resplendence of Chihshang in the East Rift Valley of Taiwan, home of “Emperor’s Rice.” Accompanied by Hakka folk songs and operatic arias, against a video backdrop spanning the life cycle of a rice paddy, the formidable Cloud Gate dancers celebrate the earth.

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2.8.16 | 8:00 pm


Bass Concert Hall
2350 Robert Dedman Dr.
Austin, TX 78712


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