Landmarks presents Animation Screening and Reception

Animation Screening and Reception
Photo courtesy of Bob Sabiston's "Snack and Drink"

Landmarks will present a screening of animations created during a two-day, student workshop with Landmarks artist Casey Reas. Working in pairs (one artist and one coder), student teams will draw and write custom code to create a short animation. The workshop will focus on rotoscoping, an early animation technique where an artist traces a sequence of photographic images.

In collaboration, the coders and artists will develop an idea that will include creating a custom drawing tool that will be used to render the animation. The students will go back and forth between coding and drawing and drawing and coding for a fully collaborative project. At the end of the second day, works in progress will screen at the FAL Foundry.

Event Details


4.28.19 | 6:00 pm


The Visual Arts Center in The University of Texas at Austin Art Building
2301 Trinity St.
Austin, TX 78712