The Mom Gallery presents Erin Stafford: Fresh opening reception.

Erin Stafford: Fresh opening reception.
Erin Stafford, "Berry" Photo by Erin Standford

The Mom Gallery presents Erin Stafford: Fresh, which will introduce Stafford's new work that engages the viewer with vignettes relating to ideas of fetishes, absurdity and visual pleasure. Stafford's ability to fluidly combine pomp majesty with quintessential kitsch creates a visual language that evokes sensations of creature comforts.

Inspired by Meret Oppenheim’s fur-lined teacup entitled Object (Le Déjeuner en fourrure), Stafford created a faux fur-lined bathtub as the centerpiece of this exhibition. In addition, a series of soap sculptures that mimic edible delights will be exhibited that stem from her interest in historical banquet traditions from bygone eras. With the use of tromp’loeil painting, Stafford will recreate the wall cracks found at her grandparent’s house, thus creating a backdrop that relates to ideas of the home as a physical manifestation of the self, ultimately showing the aesthetics and contradictions of decay and beauty in a domestic setting.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display by appointment only through November 20.

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11.13.15 | 7:00 pm


The Mom Gallery
307 E. 38th St.
Austin, TX 78705

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Admission is free.