Prelog’s and Antonelli’s Cheese Shop present Cheese and Wine Pairing

Prelog’s and Antonelli’s
Photo courtesy of Paula Biehler PR

Prelog’s European Kitchen & Bar, Austin’s only European-style fine-dining restaurant, is partnering with everyone’s favorite local cheese boutique to host a one-of-a-kind cheese-and-wine pairing event. Prelog’s invites cheese and wine lovers to join Chef Florian Prelog and Antonelli’s Cheese Shop at the restaurant for a unique private tasting affair featuring several artisanal cheeses paired with a variety of European wines. The event will include discussion on specific characteristics and background info about each presented wine-and cheese paring as well as the art of buying and paring domestic and imported artisanal cheeses.

Event Details


7.17.16 | 5:00 pm


360 Nueces St. Ste. 10
Austin, TX 78701


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