Texas Folklife presents "Hand-Painted Envelopes" opening reception

Texas Folklife presents "Hand-Painted Envelopes"
Photo courtesy of Texas Folklife

The exhibition "Hand-Painted Envelopes" brings together the work of five Texas envelope artists: Gladys Adler of Bellaire and her daughter, Florene Edmiston O’Neill of San Antonio; Mrs. R.H. Swartz and Lonnie Smith of Houston; and Dr. Charles Martin of Canyon, Texad.

These five Texans were among the best known envelope artists of the 20th Century. Their work in the 1930s and 1940s highlights a folk-art tradition that dates from the 1850s in England when postage stamps and envelopes were first used. Decorating envelopes was a popular pastime before television when one could listen to the radio and draw at the same time.

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7.13.17 | 6:30 pm


Texas Folklife
1708 Houston St.
Austin, TX 78756


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Admission is free.