UT Austin School of Architecture presents Cecil Balmond: "Informal" opening day

UT Austin School of Architecture presents Cecil Balmond: "Informal"
Photo courtesy of Cecil Balmond

The UT School of Architecture will present "Informal," an exhibition of work by renowned artist, architect, and engineer Cecil Balmond, founder of Balmond Studio in London.

The world is constantly changing. It is a multiplex of interconnected, fluid systems. Technology advances. Values and institutions evolve. Fixed ideologies shift. Faced with this reality, a more dynamic design approach is needed.

This exhibition invites visitors to enter the creative crossover, a place where we transition from abstract metaphor to tangible reality. The space will share the intimacies of the design process through built projects, graphics, sketches, principles, and the informal manifesto.

Following opening day, the exhibit will be on display through October 4.

Event Details


9.6.17 | 8:00 am


Goldsmith Hall - UT Austin
310 Inner Campus Dr.
Austin, TX 78712


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Admission is free.