Austin Love Notes

Take a walk past Austin's iconic street art celebrating love and heartbreak

Love isn't hard to find, if you know where to look. If you need a little help, we've provided a map to the street art of love and heartbreak in Austin's urban landscape. 

Federico’s “Til Death Do Us Part” stenciled mural.

Looking for love? You can find it scrawled on the Castle Hill permission wall more than a few times.  

Judging from the well-worn hole in the grass generated by the sheer numbers of people who stand on the same spot to get photos taken, this affection themed mural is loved.

A short but reassuring dispatch on the side of The Eastern bar.

A winged centaur falls in love with music with some help from cupid, also by Federico.

A bit presumptuous, and hopefully untrue, for everybody.

Dancing couple by “Boxer.” Take a look around the rest of the Urban Market parking lot to see more of his work.

Heart and egg filled chickens (of course, don’t all chickens have a heart and or eggs in them?) by U.K. artist Binty Bint.

A recent addition to the side of the Metrocycle Pedicab building in East Austin.

An internal manifestation of love, written in cursive.

Ivan Garth Johnson memorial.

A call out to a fiery affair between two 19th century French poets.

A graphic exploration of light heartedness.

Hard to read due to the passing of time, but if you look carefully you can see: “The only magic I believe in is love.”

For the love of purple elephants.

Tre Arenz memorial, a piece of public art composed of the Arenz's own collection of heart shaped stones.

Puppy love: “And only in the softest roughened furrows of her neck could he find a place to tell her goodbye.”

Another one of Austin’s most loved works of art/sanctioned graffiti — something we’ve likely all likely felt and articulated at some point in time.

Dawana Lord memorial.