Fire and Dance

Austin's original Bollywood group breaks cultural barriers through energetic dance

Austin's original Bollywood group breaks barriers through dance

Editor's note: CultureMap is proud to present the latest installment in our partnership with KLRU's documentary series Arts in Context. This unique series celebrates stories about the arts in Austin and the people who make this such a vibrant and creative city.

Agni is the Sanskrit word for fire, the elemental phenomenon that is all consuming, raw energy. That vibrant energy is what drives Prakash Mohandas, founder of Agni The Dance Company, in his approach to choreography and providing performing arts education. Since Bollywood is defined as any dance set to Indian or Hindi film music, Mohandas and his team bring together people of all ethnicities and break down cultural barriers as they participate in the musically inspired choreography.

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Agni Dance Company class
Musically inspired choreography drives Agni Dance's mission. Photo courtesy of KLRU-TV
Agni Dance Company Bollywood performance
Agni Dance Company celebrates Bollywood through classes and community events. Photo courtesy of KLRU-TV
Agni Dance Company class
Agni Dance Company Bollywood performance