E.A.S.T. Secrets

Let an Austin photographer fill you in on the best secrets of E.A.S.T.

Let an Austin photographer fill you in on the best secrets of E.A.S.T

Austin Photo Set: News_Mike_generous art_September 2011_portrait
Jennifer Chenoweth turns her East Austin bungalow into livable art. Courtesy of Jennifer Chenoweth
Aldo Valdes Bohm woodworking table
Check out Aldo Valdes Bohm's woodworking. This piece was made from a drowned tree! Photo by Aldo Valdes Bohm/ Tumblr
Crown Jennifer Balkan
See Jennifer Balkan's wonderous work at her studio in the French Place neighborhood. Painting by Jennifer Balkan/ jenniferbalkan.net
Austin Photo Set: News_Adrienne Breaux_EAST part 1_Nov 2011_ryan McKerley
Ryan McKerley's ceramics are art you can utilize. Courtesy of Ryan McKerley
Austin Photo Set: News_Mike_generous art_September 2011_portrait
Aldo Valdes Bohm woodworking table
Crown Jennifer Balkan
Austin Photo Set: News_Adrienne Breaux_EAST part 1_Nov 2011_ryan McKerley

Editor's note: The East Austin Studio Tour is a wonderful chance to discover the artists — and the workspaces — that serve a critical role in our city's creative scene. This year, we asked local artists for their can't-miss picks for the 2013 E.A.S.T.

Austin-based photographer Paul Drown uses a Holga camera, known for its low fidelity, to create dreamy, nature-inspired photographs. To see his work and find out more information about Drown, please visit his website.

David Leonard
1804 Corona Avenue - E.A.S.T. #4

One of the best painters around — not just in Austin, anywhere. His cityscapes are dense with architectural life. Leonard is one of a handful of artists working in a home studio, and it's worth heading east just to see how he lives.

Aldo Valdes Bohm
4701 East Fifth Street - E.A.S.T. #155

Take a look at his woodworking, which spans from small conceptual pieces to larger functional items. His current rough but elegant furnishings are, simply, beautiful. Bonus: He is working in the hive known as Delta Millworks.

Jennifer Balkan
3109 Lafayette Avenue (little blue house in the back) - E.A.S.T.  #24

Another outstanding brush master, Balkan paints in rich oils that portray emotion through color. She's got a lot of microart for sale, so you can buy a piece and say you knew her when. 

Ryan McKerley
2710 East Cesar Chavez - E.A.S.T.  #128

He's a master, and his ceramics are wonders to behold. They're also functional: you get to contemplate art while having breakfast. If you are lucky, you may see Edmo Martinez (who will be showing his ceramics there on the second weekend of the tour) when you're at the studio. 

Jennifer Chenoweth
1200 E 2nd Street - E.A.S.T.  #89

All hail this creator of community, explorer of the spirit and two-stepping queen. Jennifer turns her East Side bungalow into curatorial feast. Come for the art, stay for the pasole.

Sally Weber
1406 Smith Road, Unit D - E.A.S.T. #46

Specializing in holography (think holograms, 3D, lasers and all kinds of other fun stuff), Sally does groundbreaking work that's shown all over the world, but you can see it right here in Austin. Her Resonance Studio is hosting artists on the cutting edge of art and technology. Make sure to check out the artmaking robot!
Catalogs and maps are available at any Austin Public Library or Big Medium's main office Tuesday – Saturday noon - 6 pm

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