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Texas dominates list of best U.S. cities for job seekers

Austin, Texas, skyline, downtown
Austin is one of five Texas cities noted for its ample employment opportunities. Photo by Ed Schipul/Flickr
Fort Worth Stockyards
Fort Worth earned a No. 1 ranking as the best overall U.S. city to find a job. Photo courtesy of Fort Worth CVB
Cowboys Stadium
Arlington, home to the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers, is the fourth-best city for job seekers. Photo courtesy of Dallas CVB
Dallas skyline downtown during day
"Dallas’ employment landscape is the envy of all but four major cities in the U.S.," reads a new survey. Texas Wide Open for Business/Facebook
Houston skyline downtown at night
Houston is among America's best cities to find a job.
Austin, Texas, skyline, downtown
Fort Worth Stockyards
Cowboys Stadium
Dallas skyline downtown during day
Houston skyline downtown at night

For those looking for a job, the Lone Star State is fertile stomping ground. In a new WalletHub report on the best and worst cities for job seekers, Texas was dubbed the top state to pound the pavement.

Using metrics like cost of living and job openings per capita, the WalletHub survey analyzed employment opportunities in 60 of the largest U.S. cities. Texas came out a winner, claiming half of the top 10 slots.

 The survey praised No. 1 Fort Worth's falling unemployment rate and its affordable housing.

Fort Worth earned a No. 1 ranking as the best overall city to find a job, while Arlington (No. 4), Dallas (No. 5), Austin (No. 6) and Houston (No. 10) all represented the Lone Star State well.

WalletHub praised Fort Worth's falling unemployment rate (fifth highest in U.S.) and its affordable housing (second highest in the U.S.).

"Such dynamics, combined with the lack of either a state or local income tax for which Texas is renowned, are enough to make up for middle-of-the pack rankings when it comes to industry variety, healthcare coverage and the percentage of the workforce living below the poverty line," the survey reads.

Contributing to Austin's No. 6 ranking was our average annual income, which, adjusted for cost of living, was ranked the third highest among the cities surveyed.

Other Texas cities making the list include Corpus Christi (No. 12) and San Antonio (No. 23). The survey wasn't all Lone Star State lust, though. California cities like Fresno and San Jose beat out Texas locales for fastest-growing workforce and highest-median salary.

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