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This week's top 5 stories: Timberlake, Nicks, Battleground Texas and questionable pants

This week's top 5: Timberlake, Nicks, Battleground Texas

Austin Photo Set: News_Caitlin_justin Timberlake_sxsw_march 2013_2
Photo by Caitlin Ryan
Stevie Nicks
Photo by Kristin Burns
Austin Photo Set: News_Caitlin_justin Timberlake_sxsw_march 2013_2
Stevie Nicks
Lululemon Athletica, yoga pants, see-through

We've ushered SXSW out and welcomed Spring in — that blissful blip on the radar before it becomes 100 degrees for the next six months.

The wonderful temparate weather was perfect for spending 10+ hours downtown each day, collecting the stories that you most enjoyed reading this past week.

Austin ranks No. 5 on the nationwide list, counting 163 flash sales within the past five months. 

Stevie Nicks spoke candidly at SXSW saying, “I see women being put really back in their place. And I hate it — we’re losing what we fought so hard for.”

A recent batch of the brand's black Luon bottoms wasn't quite up to standard, resulting in "increased sheerness."

If you had any doubt in his authenticity and staying power, Justin Timberlake further solidified his position as a consummate performer for decades to come during his Myspace/Chevrolet "secret" SXSW show.

Jeremy Bird and Battleground Texas aim to make Texas competitive in national elections.