Local Comedians Rally

Austin comedians rally to support Kat Ramzinski after Easter mugging

Austin comedians rally to support Kat Ramzinski after Easter mugging

stand up comedian Kat Ramzinski performing
Local comedian Kat Ramsinski was injured after an assault on Sunday, April 20. Photo courtesy of YouTube

Local comedians are rallying to help one of their own after a vicious mugging on Sunday night.

Kat Ramzinski, a familiar face around Austin’s comedy clubs, was attacked while walking home from the HEB on Ed Bluestein Boulevard in East Austin. Comedian Lisa Friedrich, who collaborates with Ramzinski, told CultureMap that around 10 pm Sunday, three men and one woman got out of a van and attacked Ramzinski. According to Friedrich, the female suspect cut her hand with a knife, and one male assailant punched her — fracturing her eye socket — before stealing her purse. Ramzinski, who was taken to University Medical Center Brackenridge, has since been released from the hospital.

Less than 24 hours after news of the attack spread, organizers of Monday night’s ATX Comedy Hour at the Spider House Ballroom announced that the proceeds from the showcase would benefit Ramzinski's expenses. The show raised $750 from the entry fees and several raffles.

"We wanted to do something as soon as we could, but we are planning to do something more planned out, possibly next month," Friedrich, who co-hosts the showcase, told CultureMap. Ramzinski has even more support coming, thanks to an online fundraiser on GiveForward.com. As of Tuesday afternoon, the online campaign had raised more than $2,200. 

The attack has brought Austin's comedian community together. "Everyone has been super supportive," said Friedrich. "Everyone has been coming out of the woodworks."

Local comics Brenden K. O'Grady and Duncan Carson, were shocked to learn about Ramzinski, who appeared recently at their popular weekly stand-up showcase, Sure Thing.

"We love Kat," said O'Grady and Carson in a joint statement to CultureMap. "And of course we’re saddened and shocked by the nature of this attack. Kat’s an incredibly street-smart girl, and if anybody could possibly be mentally and emotionally equipped to handle such a horrible event, it’s her.

"Comics obviously exist largely in the nightlife of Austin, and as the number of recent incidents of street violence seems to keep rising, it’s hard not to think of the dangers that might be lurking on the wrong corner at the wrong time of night, especially for the women of Austin comedy. Luckily, our scene has definitely demonstrated that we come together to take care of our own. We wish Kat the speediest of recoveries, and sincerely hope to see her attackers brought to justice soon."

Ramzinski was scheduled to perform on April 23 as part of the high-profile Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival. Organizers haven't released an official statement or update regarding Ramzinski's appearance.