Cash Hunt

Company hides envelopes of cash in downtown Austin for lucky locals to find

Company hides envelopes of cash in downtown Austin locales

If you find yourself downtown today, you may stumble upon some free cash. Moolah Mystery, a self-proclaimed "community" that goes city to city giving away cash by hiding it in random spots, is spreading the wealth in Austin for its first run.

Moolah Mystery's Twitter account details that on Friday, envelopes of $100 in cash will placed around downtown. Specifically, the "cash drops" will occur within a six block radius, all centered on Sixth Street.

The website reveals a few detailed clues for cash-hungry hunters. Envelopes will be found outside of the Pecan Street Cafe, outside the Austin Facebook office, and near Pete's Piano Bar. Will the cash giveaways end with three $100 drops? Moolah Mystery's Twitter account hints that more giveaways could be in the works. 

If you're wondering who's behind this free-cash initiative, Moolah Mystery's website says its founders are just your average citizen. "We're just average, hard-working people who enjoyed the incredible feeling of giving a few Christmases ago when we sponsored a family. We decided then that we wanted as many people to enjoy this same feeling as possible — every day, which is why we started working on this site.", which joined Facebook and Twitter earlier this week, kicks off in Austin and encourages others to become givers, too. 

Moolah Mystery cash downtown Austin
Moolah Mystery has hidden envelopes of $100 cash around downtown Austin. Courtesy of Moolah Mystery