Lifeguard Shortage Continues

Austin lifeguard shortage means some city pools remain closed

Austin lifeguard shortage means some city pools remain closed

A host of the Austin's neighborhood pools that were scheduled to open on Monday will remain closed because of a continued lifeguard shortage.

On Friday, June 6, only 17 of the city's pools opened. The City originally planned for the remaining pools to open on Monday. However, on Sunday, the City stated that only three additional pools would open; 14 remain closed (two for maintenance). 

"The Aquatic Division had hoped to open 33 pools on Monday but projections regarding the number of lifeguards available on Monday did not materialize," the City of Austin said in a press release.

There are still 300 lifeguard positions available for the summer. A lifeguard job fair is scheduled for June 10 at the Aquatic Office (400 Deep Eddy Ave.). "Staff will have computers at the site to assist with online applications," said the City. "Applicants should bring identification and their social security card to complete the application process." 

As of Monday, June 9 the following pools are open: 

  1. Bartholomew Pool
  2. Northwest Pool
  3. Mabel Davis Pool
  4. Garrison Pool
  5. Barton Springs Pool
  6. Deep Eddy Pool
  7. Stacy Pool
  8. Balcones Pool
  9. Brentwood Pool
  10. Canyon Vista Pool
  11. Dick Nichols Pool
  12. Dittmar Pool
  13. Dottie Jordan Pool
  14. Dove springs Pool
  15. Martin Pool
  16. Murchison Pool
  17. Patterson Pool
  18. Ramsey Pool
  19. Rosewood
  20. Westenfield

Pools closed as of Monday, June 9:

    1.  Montopolis
    2.  Govalle
    3.  Metz Pool
    4.  Parque Zaragosa
    5.  Civitan
    6.  West Austin
    7.  Givens
    8.  Kennemer
    9.  Shipe
  10.  Shipe Wading
  11.  Gillis
  12.  Little Stacy
  13.  Walnut Creek
  14.  Reed Pool

Austin Photo Set: News_Sofia_deep eddy reopening_april 2012_pool
A host of Austin's pools remain closed Monday because of lifeguard shortage.  Photo by Steve Hopson