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Get your horns up: UT is the 7th best public university in the nation, 26th in the world

University of Texas is 7th best public university in the nation

University of Texas UT tower and fountain
UT Austin is the seventh best public university in the U.S. and 26th in the world. BirthRightEarth.org

University of Texas Longhorns may not climb the football rankings any time soon, but students and alumni can still take pride in the fact that the university stands with the best when it comes to academics. (Which they may remember as the real reason they went to college in the first place.)

In the 2013 Center for World University Rankings, UT Austin came in at No. 26 among the world’s top 100 universities, and ranked No. 7 among public universities in the United States.

Located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the Center for World University Rankings bases its numbers on a series of criteria that includes publications by faculty, influence, citations of faculty research and, of a vital interest to recent Longhorn grads, the employment of graduates.

UT Austin President Bill Powers stated, “This illustrates how important attracting and retaining top faculty is beyond the primary benefit of having great teachers and researchers.”

“Faculty quality drives rankings, rankings build reputation, and a rising reputation attracts students, professors and staff of an ever higher quality,” he added.

In addition to those worldwide rankings, UT made another prominent list that President Powers might consider throwing in the faces of the UT Board of Regents and Governor Rick Perry (and maybe they'll back off and let him do his job).

The 2014 Fiske Guide to Colleges listed UT as one of the “Best Buys in Higher Education,” which includes a select group of colleges that are noted for quality academic offerings along with affordable costs. UT was among 21 public and 20 private colleges, including Texas A&M University, Rice University and Trinity University.

However, terms like “best buys” and “affordability” may not hold much weight given the U.S. Congress' trouble trying to solve the issue of higher student loan rates going into effect.

Even with the rising cost of education, it’s still good for alumni to know that they made the right choice among Texas colleges. The eyes of Texas, it seems, are still upon you.