Weekend Roundup

Top weekend event picks: Pee Wee, retro games, food trailers and Rollergirls

Top weekend event picks: Pee Wee, retro games and Rollergirls

Texas Rollergirls screenshot2
The Texas Rollergirls are ready for their championship derbies this weekend. Photo Courtesy of Texas Rollergirls
austin photo set: news_aug_arden_trailer food tuesdays
Trailer Food Tuesdays will make a weekend appearance at the Long Center. Courtesy of Bonnie Berry Photography
Austin photo: events_ryan_pee wee big adventure_leukemia and lymphoma society_april 2013_pee wee herman
Support the MS 150 riders with a screening of Pee Wee's Big Adventure at the French Legation Museum. Courtesy of do512
Texas Rollergirls screenshot2
austin photo set: news_aug_arden_trailer food tuesdays
Austin photo: events_ryan_pee wee big adventure_leukemia and lymphoma society_april 2013_pee wee herman

Another Friday means another workweek has been conquered. It also means that you can enjoy the spoils of your victory by having some fun and relaxing for the next few days. Make sure it counts, because the battle against work will soon begin anew.

There are plenty of fun events to fill out your schedule this weekend, which is good because you’ll need something to do while you’re waiting to see Pacific Rim for the sixth time.

MS 150 Fundraiser: Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
The Alamo Drafthouse has a group of employees and family members that take part in the annual MS 150 bike ride. To support them, the Drafthouse will bring the fan-favorite Rolling Roadshow series to the French Legation with the best bike movie ever made.

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure tells the timeless romance between a man and his beloved red bike, a love that any cyclist can empathize with. This is the last event to drum up support this year before the 2014 race rolls around, and some good eats from Dia De Las Paletas and Micklethwait Craft Meats should be reason enough to lounge on the lawn and see the film that gave Tim Burton the green-light to direct Batman.

Classic Game Fest 2013
For those gamers who would rather relive a time when you could just enjoy games with friends instead of arguing with someone on the Internet who is on the “wrong team,” there is the Classic Game Fest. Hosted by Austin’s own Game Over Videogames, Classic Game Fest will remind you how great video games were before online play and overpriced downloadable content.

The entire weekend is packed with tournaments, live music, a classic video game museum, artists and game dealers. All that fun is available for just 10 bucks or free for kids under 12. Think of it as a good chance to play some games that only needed one joystick.

Trailer Food Tuesdays: Weekend Edition
Yes, you’re reading this right. The Long Center’s Trailer Food Tuesdays will in fact be making a guest appearance this Saturday, meaning that foodies can experience the taste of Austin twice in one month.

And don’t think they’re half-assing this gathering of the food trucks. Expect some local favorites, such as Peached Tortilla, Chi’Lantro and Kebabalicious. You can also choose from several trucks that want to help you beat the heat, like Blenders and Bowls, Yeti Frozen Custard and Wright Bros. Dairy. There’s plenty more, so consider fasting for the rest of the day to prepare your body.

Texas Rollergirls 2013 Championships
The time has come. This double feature derby is your last chance to catch the Texas Rollergirls home teams play, and to see who will stake their claim as the best Rollergirls.

In the day’s first bout, the Hell Marys and the Hustlers will do their best to claw their way into third place for the season. The final match is where the all-out war will be, as the top-ranked Hotrod Honeys take on the scrappy Honky Tonk Heartbreakers. Tickets will probably go fast for this weekend’s derby. If you miss out on the head-cracking fun, the final show of the season will take place next month when Austin all-stars take on the best from Houston and Dallas.

Texas Rollergirls is open and welcoming to kids and families. Remember, it doesn’t hurt to watch.