Photo Essay

An intimate look at a summer day in Austin

If you're like me, summer is the time of the year when you utilize your extra time off to de-stress and have fun. There is an endless amount of great places to go and things to see during the summer in Austin. I followed my friend Heather around for a day to provide a little window into what I see as a fun, relaxed Austin summer day.
Spending some time close to nature, tending to whatever garden or lack of garden you may have.
On a rooftop in Hyde Park, taking in the view and having some reflective, quiet time.
Heading out for a bike ride.

Cycling around Hyde Park is both beautiful and enjoyable. The neighborhood is full of charming houses and many streets have great sidewalks. Heading away from Guadalupe    on the Avenue streets you will find spacious streets with heavenly shade you'll be thankful for.

By now you've worked up a bit of an appetite and it's time for a trip over to Sandy's for some ice cream.
It's always nice to make sure to laugh. Sometimes even at yourself.
Barton Springs for some sun and water time. Upgrade from just a towel to a blanket and some magazines for pro-style lounging.
Nothing like some good 'ol spring water. It's beyond refreshing and a nice diversion from chlorine.

There are areas in the massive bathrooms where you can relax and sunbath in your own comfort and then shower off when you're done.

Back home, refreshed and getting ready to head out.
Taking your time to find just the right outfit.

Drinks at Red House Pizzeria, where the decor feels western and cozy, there is a full restaurant area if you get hungry, and the atmosphere is relaxed.

Grab a favorite novel you've been meaning to return to or be adventurous and try something fresh off the best seller's list. It's easy to forget how wonderful it is to escape into a book. Besides, with all of this reposing, it's a good idea to tend to your smarts.