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Pick your panels: Cast your vote for SXSW 2013 programming

Pick your panels: Cast your vote for SXSW 2013 programming

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Big Easy Express, Emmett Malloy, director, SXSW

Earlier this summer, eager speakers, innovators and industry influencers from around the globe feverishly pitched panel ideas to SXSW for consideration as part of its 2013 programming for the Interactive, Film and Music portions of the conference.

After initial review, SXSW has whittled down the submissions to a (still very large) number of potential panels that are part of the 2013 PanelPicker process, which includes a public voting component. Now is your chance to weigh in on who makes the final cut and becomes part of what is arguably considered Austin’s most influential annual event.

During the public voting phase, which lasts until August 31, anyone can vote for — and leave comments on — the panels that intrigue them most.

Final panel scores are calculated based on the following formula: 30% public voting, 30% SXSW staff input, 40% advisory board. The top scoring panels are the ones that will find their way into the official programming of SXSW 2013, which will take over Austin March 8 – 17. The first round of SXSW programming will be announced on October 15.

With over 3,500 panels up for consideration, the voting process could get pretty taxing. While we’re sure you’ve got big ideas for which panels should make the cut, here’s a look at some locally-sourced panels to consider.

Taking Back Ticketing

Organized by local music aficionado Adi Anand, this panel will bring together a cross-section of music industry professionals to address modern ticketing concerns. “My main goal is to start discussions on how ticketing can be made less expensive for promoters, event planners, etc., but also cheaper for fans,” he says.

Paul Cross (TicketBud), Rich Garza (Pachanga Festival), Dave Conway (Railroad Revival Tour) and others will cover everything from how to remove scalpers from the ticketing process to what effect a major artist has when he takes ticketing into his own hands (take Louis CK for example).

Updating the Reading Series for the Digital Age

Austin is lucky enough to play host to several influential reading series, including “Hipster” first date favorite, The Encyclopedia Show. We’re a prime example of the shift from the “Ivory Tower’s insular, pipe-smoking academics” reading series to the “multi-genre performance medium that draws audiences from all walks of life.”

In this Interactive panel, local and national organizers of popular reading series (Lightbulb Mouth, The Encyclopedia Show, Dionysium and American Short Fiction) will examine how they have increased bandwidth — and made a lasting impression — by adopting transmedia methods of promotion and presentation.

Eating to Live Online

Like it or not, we’re part of a foodie-centric society that's naturally influenced by food porn and snarky yelp reviews. In this Interactive panel, a vlogger, podcaster, chef and journalist “will discuss the extremes of hedonism and hunger and demonstrate how new media changes conversations.”

Austin American-Statesman food journalist Addie Broyles will join Hilah Johnson ( and others from the Austin food community for a conversation about what it means to build community through food-related new media.

Sh*t PR People Say

Oh, the never-ending saga of journalists and public relations professionals learning to not only co-exist, but work together to develop meaningful content in this changing media landscape.

This Interactive discussion, led by Allie Herzog Danzige (Integrate PR) and CultureMap’s Caitlin M. Ryan aims to “uncover the hidden truths about what goes on behind the scenes before a story hits your news source.”


PanelPicker voting is open through August 31. You can register to vote here.