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Scarred for life: The winners (and mostly losers) of The 2012 Worst Tattoo in Austin Competition

[Editor's note — WARNING: People are willing to get bad tattoos EVERYWHERE on their bodies. Some of these images are NSFW or for little children or for some conservative parents who can't believe people would do this to themsleves...]

In a city filled with so many tattoos, how do you find the absolute worst ones?

One ambitious man: Devon Tincknell took this mission upon himself, and The Worst Tattoo in Austin Competition was born last year.

The second annual competition took place at The 29th Street Ballroom Thursday and brought out the best/worst tattoos Austin has to offer.




"Garth Tattoo"

The first of many homemade masterpieces, Jonathan had his friend tattoo an homage to the great Garth Brooks.

"[My friend] is not exactly a normal person," Jonathan had to say of the artist.

This was my pick for first place, but he came in third.




"Bruce Willis: The Last Boy Scout"

Taking up a huge chunk of her calf, Camille celebrates her favorite 90s action movie staring Bruce Willis.

During her time on stage, she couldn't stop quoting the movie, even though no one knew what she was talking about.

She won Honorable Mention for having the best Bruce Willis tattoo in the contest.




"Clint Howard"

Nick lost a bet. Simple as that. Now he has Ron Howard's creepy yet cool little brother, Clint Howard, on his chest forever.

Nick (and Clint) walked away with the Silver Metal.




"Cigarette and Arm"

Dana was the sleeper contestant in the competition. These were the two tattoos she entered. But when it came time to show the goods on stage, she wowed the audience and judges with her additional Fleetwood Mac lyrics and a Precious Moments figurine hung on a cross.

When asked what her inspiration was behind them, she simply said: "My friend got a tattoo gun on the internet, and we like to drink."

Dana took home the top prize and was awarded Worst Tattoo in Austin II.




"Pirate Boat"

Just in case you couldn't tell what it is, he's explained it for you. It's a pirate boat. Not to be outdone, his friend also has a sail boat that says "Sail Boat."




"Written Burning Heart"

Miguel told the tattoo artist he wanted a burning heart on his wrist  (like a drawn heart in flames). Instead, the artist gave him the words: "Burning Heart."

He did not enter the competition, but wanted his picture taken anyway. He says he doesn't need a prize; his prize is coming to terms with his terrible tattoo.





"Emo Kid Heart"

Wearing his heart on his ass, Clint gets to celebrate his 16-year old self for eternity with this awesomely bad Emo kid tattoo.




"Clockwork Orange Joker"

This was a free tattoo (if you can believe it) from a friend who was trying to get some experience.

On the way home from getting it, Radford says, "Almost fifty percent of the ink came off. It soaked through the patch and stained my car seats."

He's just glad this tattoo is somewhere he doesn't have to see very often.




"Biscuit Tramp Stamp"

Zach's homage to the KFC biscuit sits right there on his lower back.

He says there's no real reason he got it, he just really likes biscuits.




"King of King Diamond"

At first glance, I thought this was "The Crow-Jesus," but apparently it's King Diamond, a Danish heavy metal musician with a really funny Twitter account.

Matthew didn't place in the competition. but received an Honorable Mention for "Awesome Heavy Metal Tattoo."




"Taco Beating Up Pizza with Clapping Tater Tots"

Matt was the crowd favorite. He wasn't orginally going to enter (because, quite frankly, this tattoo is awesome), but decided everyone needed to see it.

Matt didn't win. But he did inspire everyone in the crowd.




"Drunk dog riding a tall bike"

Lucas likes dogs, and he's in a riding crew. He was drunk when he decided to get this tattoo, so really, what more explanation do you need?





Daren wears glasses, his girl friend wears glasses. They got drunk one night and got matching glasses tattoos. The end.