Sporty Gift Guide

8 sporty gift ideas for your favorite fitness fanatic

Delanowear leggings
Photo courtesy of Delanowear
Custom yoga mat
Photo by Karon Karter
Yamuna Feet Wakers
Photo courtesy of Yamuna
Kings of Cole hooded sweatshirt
Photo courtesy of Kings of Cole
Flywheel Sports
Photo courtesy of Flywheel Sports
Spiky massage balls
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We all have those friends or family members we love to hate: the disciplined fitness fanatics who never miss a workout, whose bodies have only improved with age. Here are eight great gift ideas to fit their healthy lifestyle.


A Swoob workout bra has a built-in, sweat-proof pocket to ensure her iPod or iPhone stays dry even during the most intense workout. Bonus: Whatever she needs to carry with her stays put while she runs or walks. $35-$45 at

In the world of workout wear, these Delanowear leggings are sexy. Better still, she can bend, twist, pull and stretch to the max and no one can see a thing. These non-see-through leggings are better than Spanx, ensuring every girl looks super skinny. $90-$110 at

No one forgets to breathe with these custom embroidered yoga/Pilates mats. You can add any word you wish — from names and initials to an alma mater or favorite motto. Plus they come in a variety of colors. $40 at

His feet will be merry thanks to these “foot wakers” from Yamuna. As we age, our feet lose circulation, so they cramp more often. Foot wakers increase circulation and help prevent plantar fasciitis, bunions and flat arches. $64.95 at

Gift your fit friend with these soft after-workout sweats by Kings of Cole. Not only will they keep her warm, but she’ll also look oh-so-hip after she’s sweated her butt off. We love the rose gold hardware. $144-$154 (sweatshirts) and $134 (sweatpants) at

For those who like to work out hard and fast, give the gift of Flywheel. Pumped up by awesome music, spin participants can burn 500-700 calories in 45 minutes. Bonus for the ladies: There is plenty of eye candy. Flywheel is the perfect gift for you and your fellow fitness enthusiast because when you buy a $100 gift, you receive a $15 Flywheel credit. Purchase spin packages online at or in-studio at the Highland Park or Plano location.

The CordCruncher is a must for anyone tired of loose wires — especially during a workout. The wire-management system keeps headphones tangle-free. Plus it can go everywhere you go. Just tie it up around your wrist, and you’ll never leave home without your headphones. $24.99 at

Deck the hall with soft-spike massage balls by Balanced Body. After a workout — or a day of power shopping — lie on these spiky massage balls to relieve any tension. Rolling around on one helps break up the kinks and knots in your back, neck or hips. $1.95-$3.95 at