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Favorite 2013 restaurants, J.Law's best moments, WaPo diss plus more popular stories

Ramen Tatsu-Ya in Austin
Ramen Tatsu-ya was among our favorite restaurants this year. Photo courtesy of Ramen Tatsu-Ya
Jennifer Lawrence and Sarah Jessica Parker at the Met Costume Institute Ball
Jennifer Lawrence had a very good year. Photo by Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images
Austin photo: Places_Drink_Club de Ville_Sign
The future home of Cheer Up Charlie's Courtesy of Super Signage
The Goodnight lounge
The Goodnight Photo by the Goodnight/ Facebook Courtesy of The Goodnight
News_Austin_Zilker Park_joggers
Don't diss Austin. Photo via
Ramen Tatsu-Ya in Austin
Jennifer Lawrence and Sarah Jessica Parker at the Met Costume Institute Ball
Austin photo: Places_Drink_Club de Ville_Sign
The Goodnight lounge
News_Austin_Zilker Park_joggers

You know what's kind of the worst? Having New Year's Eve fall in the middle of the week. First, it's weird being hungover on a Wednesday, and second, it is absolute torture starting the work week on Thursday.

But now the weekend is back, and you have two blissful days to catch up on all the stories you might have missed during your New Year's recovery Netflix binge.

1. Our food editor, Jessica Dupuy, tallies up her favorite new restaurants of 2013. (Qui isn't on the list. Just kidding — it is.)

2. Columnist Layne Lynch discusses Jennifer Lawrence's truly spectacular year.

3. Cheer Up Charlie's announces its new location (and it's not in East Austin).

4. New Year's might be over, but our guide to the best bars to spend it in doesn't have to end with 2013!

5. You know how if someone else makes fun of your sibling, you suddenly get really defensive? That's how it feels to be on the Washington Post's "out" list.

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