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All the single ladies: Austin is a hotspot for unmarried women, but not so favorable for single men

All the single ladies: Austin is a hotspot for unmarried women, but not so favorable for single men

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Hello single ladies! Texas is the place to be.

Texas is home to some of the hottest spots to be a single lady, according to Nerd Wallet's recent ranking of the Best Cities for Singles.

The site looked at ratios of unmarried men and women in each city, the per-capita numbers of likely places one might meet a mate (like bars and gyms), the Walk Score of each area, plus the unemployment rates and average "cheap date" costs to determine the most heterosexual singles-friendly locales. 

After San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego and Denver, Austin ranks No. 5 on the list of the Best Cities for Single Women, followed by Houston at No. 7 and Dallas at No. 10 in the ranking. About Austin, the survey says:

Austin, Texas has a high ratio of unmarried men to unmarried women — almost 6 to 5.  The city has many bars and gyms, and although it’s not particularly walkable, the unemployment rate is very low, making it overall an excellent city for single women.  With its thriving music scene, Austin’s great social life makes the city extremely date-friendly.

Straight single men, however, only seem to have the odds in their favor in Fort Worth. It was the only Texas city in the Top 10 list of Best Cities for Single Men.

Fort Worth is highly affordable, with a low cost of living and low unemployment rate. The city also has more unmarried women than unmarried men, and although you’ll be fairly car-dependent here, you can explore Fort Worth’s thriving music scene and great Mexican food with your date."

The site also suggests,"If you're on the prowl for a Valentine's Day date, the problem might be your location, not you" — but we beg to differ, especially if your idea of a good, cheap date includes a movie ticket, a 12-inch Pizza Hut pie and a 6-pack of Heineken.

We think you can do better than that on a budget — penny pinchers stay tuned for CultureMap's suggestion for Valentine's Day on the cheap.