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Colunga found guilty in 2012 drunk driving crash that injured UT soccer player

Colunga found guilty in drunk driving crash that injured UT athlete

KVUE — A jury has found Nicholas Colunga guilty in the drunk driving crash that left a former University of Texas soccer player seriously injured. Colunga was found guilty of two counts of failing to stop and render aid and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He had already pleaded guilty to intoxication assault.

The charges stem from a crash in February 2012. Colunga was accused of speeding through a red light and hitting three people in the crosswalk. The victims, including former UT soccer player Kylie Doniak, were in the courtroom listening to closing arguments on Thursday.

Doniak spent six weeks in a coma and months in intensive physical therapy. She is still recovering from her injuries.

Colunga admits he had been drinking the night of the crash.

"We know why we're here. Anyone with eyes open in this community knows why we're here when Nick wanted to take responsibility," said his attorney, Amber Vazquez Bode.

Vazquez Bode says these other charges are unnecessary. "Nick came into this courtroom waiving a white flag saying, 'I did it. I am guilty of a felony offense,'" she explained.

She says it's political.


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Nicholas Colunga mugshot courtesy of KVUE.com
Nicholas Colunga was found guilty on three counts August 8. Photo courtesy of KVUE.com