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Amy’s, Birds, Stevie Ray Vaughan: Are these the best ways to spend four hours in Austin?

Stevie Ray Vaughan statue
Stevie Ray Vaughan statue, Lady Bird Lake City Parks & Rec
Austin Photo: Places_shopping_uncommon_objects_exterior
SoCo's Uncommon Objects Photo by Kyle H
Birds Barber Shops
Birds about town Birds/Facebook
REO Speedwagon ACL Live
REO Speedwagon at ACL Live ACL Live/Facebook
Sugar Mama's bakery
Okay, we're down with the dessert tour. Sugar Mama's/Facebook
Austin skyline from above
You have four hours in the big city. How would you spend it? File photo
Stevie Ray Vaughan statue
Austin Photo: Places_shopping_uncommon_objects_exterior
Birds Barber Shops
REO Speedwagon ACL Live
Sugar Mama's bakery
Austin skyline from above

As we reported Friday, crowdsourcing adventure app Mosey was in town this weekend, hoping to experience the best four hours Austin has to offer.

Mosey takes the “ask a local” thing for travelers to a new, convenient place — by soliciting and distributing on mobile platforms lists from different cities’ citizens of what would make their “best four hours” in their locales.

Last week, the crew hit up Austin for just such lists in advance of its promotional "Great Southern Mosey." Once here, Mosey-ers enjoyed a preplanned four-hour music tour of “East Sixth” (the part that’s actually east of the highway and adjacent streets, but close enough), which seemed pretty bona fide (Cheer-Up’s, The White Horse, Hotel Vegas, Scoot Inn).

After the bar crawl and, presumably, some recovery time, Mosey sent us a list of its contest winners, along with their winning itineraries (below). While the champ  (Taco Journalism’s Jarod Neece) could not be more legit, and most everything on all of the lists is a great choice (although … Stevie Ray Vaughan statue? Really?), the winners have mostly stuck with the obvious — mostly places you’ll find in a good Austin guide book. True, but tried.

All of which means — yay! — the soft, secret Austin underbelly (whatever that might mean to you — and your secret's safe with us if you want to share it here) lives to lurk another day.

Well done, Austinites, well done.

Winning Austin Moseys

The Best Austin Morning — Jarod Neece, Winner, @tacojournalism

Katie Kime's Austin, Texas — Katie Kime & Of a Kind, @katie_kime & @ofakind

4 Hrs in Austin, TX — Anita Cheung, @anitakc

Austin Dessert Tour — Anita Cheung, @anitakc

For the Hot Summer Days in Austin - Aaron Kettl

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