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Invisibility cloaks, Qui and the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue got Austin riled up this week

King Qui, Stevie Ray Vaughan statue and more popular stories this week

Stevie Ray Vaughan statue
Thou shall not speak ill of the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue. City Parks & Rec
Qui restaurant Austin
Everyone loves Qui. Photo by Qui/ Facebook
Lauren Smith Ford Tribeza
Lauren Smith Ford prepares to step down from Tribeza after 8 years. Photo by Matt Rainwaters
Stevie Ray Vaughan statue
Qui restaurant Austin
Lauren Smith Ford Tribeza

There are a few truths to life here in Austin: we like good food, we don't like unfairness and we certainly don't like it when anyone speaks ill of the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue.

So what other things got our attention this week?

1. The U.K.'s Daily Mail unearthed a bevy of information about the family of Ethan Couch, the "affluenza-suffering" Texas teen whose drunk driving killed four people.  

2. It isn't just Paul who is earning praise at Qui. We examine the Qui effect and how this top chef's magical touch is spreading throughout his operation. 

3. Researchers at UT may have developed in invisibility cloak a la Harry Potter.

4. Tribeza prepares to say goodbye to the magazine's defining editor, Lauren Smith Ford.

5. An article about an new app got someone so riled up about the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue they called us "snarky asshats."

In other news, we're calling our next band The Snarky Asshats.