SXSW 2014 spotlight: CultureMap presents 30 Days, 30 Artists
30 Days, 30 Artists

Ringworm brings hardcore sound to SXSW — because metal needs love, too

Ringworm brings hardcore sound to SXSW — because metal needs love, too

Ringworm Band SXSW
Veteran hardcore band, Ringworm Courtesy of Relapse Records

Editor's note: This SXSW spotlight was selected by Austin music champion and face about town, Adi Anand. You can read more from Adi's blog, From the Mind of Adi, via Do512

Name: Ringworm

Featured track: "Justice Replaced By Revenge"

City of origin: Cleveland, Ohio

Genre: Metal

In one sentence: This veteran band has endured a few lineup and label changes over the decades, but one thing that has stayed consistent is its bludgeoning aural assault.

Why we chose them: Catch the band just days before unleashing a brand-new record, Hammer of the Witch on Relapse Records (coming March 18). Plus, in the midst of SXSW standards, hardcore music needs some love, too.

SXSW official showcase: 10:55 pm on Friday, March 14 at Dirty Dog Bar