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The best tweets in Austin: APD's #whatthehelicopter, city problems and more

The best tweets in Austin this week: APD's #whatthehelicopter and more

Austin Police Department helicopter
Austin Police Department's #whatthehelicopter informs citizens of the aircraft's missions. Austin Police Department/
Ted Cruz tattoos cigarette Twitter Los Angeles
Ted Cruz's punchy reply made the rounds on Twitter this week. Ted Cruz/ Twitter
Austin Police Department helicopter
Ted Cruz tattoos cigarette Twitter Los Angeles

So much great stuff happens on Twitter and we just can't write about it all. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't know about it. This week we're rounding up our favorite funny, poignant and interesting tweets from Austin and around Texas.

Austin Police Department's #whatthehelicopter
You know that moment when you realize what you're hearing is the rumble of a low flying helicopter? Quickly, you race to the window just in time to see APD's Air One circle by. Then you spend the next few moments wondering what they're searching for. Train robbers? Escaped convicts? For the past two weeks APD has been placating the nosy neighbor in all of us by using #whatthehelicopter to help explain Air One's adventures. Though the majority of the tweets are pretty serious, the social media staff does know how to turn a phrase.

Here are some of the best this week:


Does Austin have a communal seating problem?
Everyone from the New York Observer to the Wall Street Journal chimed right in about Austin and SXSW this week. But perhaps the best example came from our very own Austin American-Statesman who ran the headline "Does Austin have a drinking problem?" on the front page of this week's Sunday edition. (Reading the paper with a hangover from Saturday night was a particular slap in the face.)

KUT's Terrence Henry had the very best reaction. Yesterday, the StateImpact Texas reporter launched a one-man investigation into Austin culture, asking important questions like "Does Austin have a communal seating problem?" and "Does Austin have an Austen problem?"

Here are a few more of our favorites (there are quite a few more): 

Ted Cruz has a sense of humor
Since Canadians are known for their senses of humor, we should have known Cruz is a riot. Also, remember that time he read Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham while attempting to shut down the federal government? Hilarious! This weekend, after images of a Photoshopped Ted Cruz appeared plastered around Los Angeles, the senator took to Twitter with what was a very funny reply.

Just because you're @AustinTexasGov doesn't meant your tweets have to be boring
Let's face it, city government can be a bit dry. And tweeting about city government? Well, good luck getting laughs with that material. But every once in a while, the official Austin government Twitter lets loose a pun so good, it deserves to be shared.

There is no silver lining to the tragic events that occurred after dozens of SXSW attendees were plowed down by a drunk driver, but watching the community rally around SXSWCares has been a marvel. Since the nonprofit has been added to the official Amplify Austin list, we can only imagine the donations — and Internet buzz — will continue to grow.