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Mobile beauty school: Paris-based Make Up For Ever teaches Austinites how to use their own loot

Mobile beauty school: Paris-based Make Up For Ever teaches Austinites how to use their own loot

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It's rare that you see a makeup company devote two days of business to teaching potential customers how to use the makeup they already have, but that's just what Make Up For Ever is doing on November 1 and 2 with "Makeup Bag Remix."

The makeup company was founded in 1984 by Dany Sanz, who sought to create a show-business line of cosmetics for Parisian actors and actresses. The line hopped the pond in 1995 and quickly took the U.S. beauty market by storm owing to its hands on approach with customers. Make Up For Ever has hosted many mobile "Make Up School" sessions before, but never in Austin.

For "Make Up Bag Remix," Austinites are invited to book one of two types of appointments: either a 30-minute one-on-one makeup bag evaluation and hands-on lesson or a quick "Focus Lesson" for a certain problem area. 

"We know that nearly every woman owns at least one impulse beauty buy that she has no idea how to use, so we’re inviting consumers to bring us their make up bags and we’ll teach them how to use what they already own. They can bring any brand and any kind of product," states the mission of Make Up Bag Remix online.

We were so taken aback by such a novel concept that we spoke to Jenn Karsten, Director of Artistry & Education for Make Up For Ever to learn more.

CultureMap: So this is a very generous concept — to teach women how to use their existing (non-Make Up For Ever) products. Why do you want to do this?

Jenn Karsten: We know that no woman only uses one brand when it comes to make up. More importantly, we see that so many women own great products but don't really know how to use them. 

CM: Is there a similar overarching goal to in the company? As in, a desire to be an approachable beauty industry company?

JK: Our goal as a makeup brand is to empower women to do their own make up so they always look and feel their best, regardless of the brand they are using. Proper education and hands-on practice are key to mastering makeup, so we leverage the teachings of the Make Up For Ever Academies all over the world to break professional techniques down for women to more easily understand and use in their everyday lives.

CM: How many makeup artists will be on hand? 

JK: There will be 14 makeup artists on site in Austin: 10 inside our movie trailer for more in-depth 30 minute sessions and then four more outside offering "quickie" lessons on some of the techniques we're asked about most often.

CM: How many people will one makeup artist see in one day?

JK: Each artist inside the trailer will see around 16 clients each day. Outside the artists can see as many as 95 women per day.

CM: Even though it's not required, will you be able to buy Make Up For Ever products on site?

JK: Our trailer will be equipped with iPads that are bookmarked on the site so guests can directly purchase anything they want to try and have it shipped to their home. Shipping will be complimentary of course. For anyone who wants their products immediately, we will direct them to the Sephora store located inside the Barton Creek mall.

CM: Lastly, what is your favorite fall/winter makeup trend and corresponding beauty product?

JK: Right now we're loving fall's deep red lip trend.  From mulberry to Bordeaux, there is a shade of red that can work for anyone. The trick is to find what shade works best for you. Red lips are a great way to look made up and polished in a matter of seconds. Our favorite product is Aqua Rouge #9, a beautiful burgundy that is universally flattering.


Book your appointment on Make Up For Ever's Facebook page. The mobile Make Up School will be parked outside of Barton Creek Square's AMC IMAX Theatre entrance.