Watch Those Pants, Dudes

Looking to score a second date — or just score? Your pants tell all

Looking to score a second date — or just score? Your pants tell all

Colorful Pants
The pants you wear can convey your overall attitude on a first date.  Brooks Brothers/Facebook

They say that clothes make the man, but it seems that if he's not wearing the right-colored pants, the man might not make it to the second date. At least, that’s what clothing line Barley & Britches found when it polled customers about how they perceived different colors of pants for men to wear on first dates.

Yes, that is a very specific poll, but if it saves just one first date, then it was worth it. According to Barley & Britches, if you want your date to think you’re rich and responsible — which are indicators of long-term potential — you’re best off going with the classic khaki. Sure, it’s a little straightforward, but if you want to communicate that you can take a 30-year mortgage on a house and make it to the farmers market on Saturday morning, there’s no better option.

For those looking to break out to other ends of the color spectrum, there are potential misfires that you might need to consider.

For example, dark red or bright blue pants show that you’re offbeat and adventurous, but you might be perceived as just a hook-up, which could work to your advantage if you make it a goal.

For a more sophisticated look, dark purples and navies show off your attention to detail and taste for luxury. Of course, this goes only so far before you have to bring them back to your place and they see your collection of happy hour pub glasses.

Perhaps the strangest of the bunch is that green pants show that you’re a world traveler — Marco Polo wore green pants exclusively — but that you might also live with your parents. But hey, with Google Earth, you can explore the ruins of Machu Picchu from the comfort of your childhood bedroom. Nobody has to know.

What this survey really tells us though, is that the best way to cover your bases is to wear rainbow pants, preferably of the parachute variety. If it worked for Hammer, it can work for you too.