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Chill out: 3 products to protect your pretty in cooler temps

Chill out: 3 products to protect your pretty in cooler temps

It sure is easy to get into the holiday spirit when 80 degree temps continue to linger, right? Wrong.

Luckily today brings significantly cooler weather, so hurriedly unpack your sweaters and coats as this might be your only chance to wear seasonal duds until next year. Beyond apparel, this metrological change also mandates an adjustment in your beauty regime. No matter how temporary, your hair and skin quickly react to these foreign conditions. You might notice your strands looking increasingly flat and your face increasingly parched.

Here are three quick favorites to help combat the perils of our newfound "chilly" climate.

Oribe Volumista Mist

Those who argue over-the-counter cosmetics and hair care offer the same quality of pricier higher-end items have certainly not dabbled into the world of Oribe haircare. A true industry veteran, Oribe gave equal bragging rights on fashion runways to hair as to the designer clothes themselves. His Volumista Mist can combat any weather-induced fiasco including hat hair and lifeless locks that refuse to lift more than one nanometer off your scalp. This video shows him transform a client's head with the magical spray.  

Kate Somerville Ex-foli-kate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

An admitted sucker for puns of any kind, the name immediately drew me in. But after trying this bright, juniper-colored scrub, I wanted to call up Kate herself to personally thank her for the chuckle and the insanely soft face her product gave me. It appeared as if everything my skin endured in 2012 was magically polished away, leaving only a glowing mug with zero signs of dullness. Plus any moisturizer or serum seemed to sink in much better after the exfoliation and more effectively quench my dehydrated skin.

Egyptian Magic

Cleopatra might be pleased to know that Madonna and Kate Hudson fanatically rave about a product recognizing her historical heritage. An all-natural formula, Egyptian Magic can be used about 90 different ways and lasts so long you will probably still have some left when you reach Madge's age. Great for cuticles, elbows, the face and even your hair, this multi-purpose cream will undoubtedly become the newest staple in your bathroom cabinet.

After activating the product by rubbing it between your hands, an oil-like solution forms making it easy to immediately apply to the desired area. Given the powerful moisturizing agents, I would recommend using on the face only as a night cream in an effort to prevent your morning makeup application from sliding right off.

What are your favorite season-specific beauty and hair must-haves?  

Austin Photo Set: News_Megan_winter skin products_dec 2012
Top left: Oribe Voluminsta Mist Bottom left: Egyptian Magic

Right: Kate Somerville Exfolikate