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Geeks and gamers are ready to raid Rooster Teeth Expo 2013

Crowd of Gamers at RTX Rooster Teeth Expo
RTX returns July 5- 7. Jack Plunkett
Gamer playing demo at RTX Rooster Teeth Expo
Hands-on demos will be part of the expo. Jack Plunkett
Red vs. Blue reenactment by fans at RTX Rooster Teeth Expo
A limited number of tickets are available for RTX 2013. Jack Plunkett
Crowd of Gamers at RTX Rooster Teeth Expo
Gamer playing demo at RTX Rooster Teeth Expo
Red vs. Blue reenactment by fans at RTX Rooster Teeth Expo

For anyone that stays up through the night watching machinima videos on YouTube and playing Halo with some friends, this weekend at the Austin Convention Center is the highlight of the year. For three days, gamers and geeks from all walks of life will have the chance to meet face-to-face with each other and industry leaders at the Rooster Teeth Expo.

Normally, the Internet has to provide the channel of communication between these content creators and their fans, but for one weekend it’s all about personal interactions. CultureMap previews the best of the expo, coming to Austin July 5 - 7. If you're itching for a weekend of geeking out, there are a few three-day passes and one-day tickets available.

First off, the primary draw for attendees will be new content from the founders of RTX, Rooster Teeth Productions. Their brainchild, Red vs. Blue, was a game changer for both the genre of machinima and original web series, still going strong at over 200 episodes. Rooster Teeth will host an exclusive premiere of the new anime series, RWBY, ahead of its July 18 online premiere.

Pronounced “Ruby,” the new series is a big departure for the studio that has relied mostly on animating with real-time, video game engines. Following four supernaturally gifted women battling various creatures and villains, RWBY is a fully animated series featuring anime-style aesthetics.

Also on the lineup are the geeky minds behind Rocket Jump, creators of the online web series Video Game High School. Their panel will be a must for anyone looking to create online content for nerd culture. Of course, that will be after they unveil the second season trailer for Video Game High School to send fans into a further tizzy of what’s to come in the action-packed live series.

Beyond the realm of YouTube web shows, there are plenty of other panelist options and guests to hound through the duration of the expo, including Internet personalities like Adam Montoya, Grace Helbig and Justine Ezarik. True fans of the Halo series will certainly be itching to meet with Jen Taylor, the voice of fan favorite Cortana. Here’s hoping that guys don’t embarrass themselves when trying to ask for autographs and photos.

RTX is also about fun and big gaming events. How big? Try the kickoff event for Halo 4’s largest tournament to date. Consider it a fun way to live out the drama of Red vs. Blue in real life.

Gamers will even get the chance for a hands-on preview of the future of video games with an exclusive multiplayer demo of the highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag throughout the entire weekend. Also included on the weekend schedule is a preview for the upcoming reboot of cult classic Shadow Warrior.

Along with a mini Spill Dot Con festival and events like the Geeks Who Drink trivia contest, nerds from near and far will have their hands full this weekend. Let’s just hope they are able to avoid having too many nerdgasms in public. There are still a few three-day passes and one-day passes available for the expo, which runs July 5 - 7.

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