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Caffeinated in Texas: Starbucks lets you prove it

They're free but they're sure hard to find.

Starbucks recently released souvenir "tourist series" debit cards highlighting Texas, San Diego, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles. At the same time, the giant coffee retailer "refreshed" cards representing New York, San Francisco and Florida.

A few of the cards have been spotted in town and baristas advise to take one, even if you don't load it up right away, because they are going fast. 

The Texas card, featuring drawings of boots with spurs, cowboy hat, Longhorn steer and horsehoe, is becoming a collector's item, showing up on eBay with an asking price as high as $13.68.

No word if Starbucks plans to release more Texas cards, although the company will unveil cards highlighting new, as yet unamed, locales in July.

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