Best Fries Ever

This Austin joint's famous french fries rank among the best in U.S.

Austin joint's famous french fries rank among the best in U.S.

Hyde Park Bar & Grill french fries 2015
These delicious fries from Hyde Park Bar & Grill were included in Food Network's list of the best fries in the U.S. Hyde Park Bar & Grill/Facebook

Where do you go when you're craving the best fries in town? If Hyde Park Bar & Grill is your answer, you and Food Network magazine are on the same page. The foodie publication's new list of America's 10 Best French Fries pays homage to the local favorite.

Owner Bick Brown is "fanatical about french fries," says Food Network, and over the years, Hyde Park's fries have become just as iconic as the restaurant itself. Dipped in buttermilk, then breaded and fried, these fries are a rich, decadent treat.

Don't forget the "special sauce," an original blend of mayo, jalapeno and dill. It's so popular, says Brown, that "if we don't bring it out with their order, people holler, 'Where's my special sauce?'"

Only one dish rivals these famous fries: Hyde Park's amazing avocado fries, served with a tangy pepper lime aioli.

To celebrate the new accolade, Hyde Park Bar & Grill is offering half-price fries on July 13, which happens to be National French Fry Day.

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