In-N-Out Takeover

In-N-Out Burger craze takes over Austin: New location and details emerge

In-N-Out Burger craze takes over Austin: New location emerges

In-N-Out, neon sign, hamburgers, burgers
In-N-Out Burger is soon set to be a regular Austin presence. Photo by Karsten Behrens/Wikipedia

In-N-Out Burger fever is building — at least among the ultra-intense, sometimes crazed devotees of the fast food chain — in Austin. A company rep tells KXAN that the chain will open another new In-N-Out Burger in the under-construction Cedar Park Town Center at 183A and Whitestone Boulevard.

With a new Central Austin In-N-Out already under construction and a Round Rock In-N-Out well underway, this means the greater Austin area is set to go from zero to three In-N-Outs very soon.

If you're not an In-N-Out backer, it's hard to understand the excitement that builds over this California-started burger chain. But rest assured there will be huge lines at each In-N-Out opening, and someone will almost certainly be filmed crying when they get their hands on one of the burgers.

In-N-Out Burger finally expanded to the Dallas area in 2011, and its Texas footprint is expected to continue to grow.