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Continue March Madness with the Sweet Sixteen at these top venue choices

Catch March Madness at these top venues

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Courtesy of Liberty Tavern

The first few rounds of hoops insanity is now over for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, but fans have only a few days to rest up before the Sweet Sixteen kicks into high gear. It’s from this point on where legends are cemented in history and underdogs prove that they belong with the powerhouses.

Since all upcoming match-ups enjoy primetime television slots, no one can use work as an excuse to miss out on the upcoming slugfests. Whether you and your buddies want to cheer on you favorite surviving teams or this year’s Cinderalla team, the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles, these are the top venues to catch the games on HD screens with some top-notch brew and snack specials.

March Madness at Black Sheep Lodge

When looking for a sports bar on the south side of town, it’s hard to do better than Black Sheep Lodge, especially when you factor in their juicy burgers. The dozens of flatscreens, 26 beers on tap and 125 bottled brews equal out to a winning formula.

Black Sheep might not have drink specials unique to March Madness, but they hardly need them with standard specials that change for each day of the week. You can pop in for the Marquette and Miami match-up for cheap margaritas and return the next night for affordable Texas pitchers as FGCU plays David against the Goliath that is the Florida Gators.

Liberty Tavern Watch Party specials

March Madness watch parties are done right at Liberty Tavern. Not only do fans have plenty of screens to choose from, they also won't worry about going hungry or becoming parched as they scream for their favorite teams.

50 cent wings are the big special for the tournament, including sauces from Caribbean jerk to peach habanero. If things get a little too spicy, quench that thirst with $2 Lone Stars or $4 Austin craft beer pints. The last thing you would want to do is lose your voice in the middle of a game.

Cover 3

If you prefer a more upscale eating experience while watching the Big Dance, Cover 3 is a better option than the dive bar down the street.

It’s the restaurant’s selection of over 100 wines that provides most of that class, but Cover 3 also has award-winning burgers on the menu. Mix the fine dining and drinks with some gigantic HD televisions and you might never consider Hooters again.

Blackfinn: A Celebration of Hoops and Hops

The newest edition to Austin’s sports bar scene, Blackfinn Ameripub makes a good first impression with its specials for March Madness. Choose between buckets or towers of Budweiser, Bud Light or Michelob Ultra from $15-$18, or get fancy with $22 towers of Stella Artois. That’s a sure sign that a sports bar isn’t messing around when Stella is on sale.

If beer gets old, try the special drink of Grey Goose and Red Bull, and soak up the alcohol with wing plates and beef or pulled pork sliders. Stuffing your face with good food is the best remedy for mourning the passing of your busted bracket.