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Cranky Longhorn fan launches "I Miss Mack" website following first football scrimmage

Longhorn fan launches "I Miss Mack" website following first scrimmage

Mack Brown
Someone out there misses Mack Brown. Courtesy of Longhorn Sports Marketing
I Miss Mack webpage for Mack Brown
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Mack Brown
I Miss Mack webpage for Mack Brown

If you watched the Orange-White Scrimmage last weekend, you were likely underwhelmed by the quarterbacks. But, it’s still early in the spring season, so can we really fault first-year head coach Charlie Strong? Well, it appears that one Longhorn fan is.

After the spring scrimmage, the website went live. At the top of the webpage is a simple message saying, “I watched the Texas game this weekend and was left with an unshakeable feeling…”

And this angry fan did more than just register a domain. There’s already a line of “I Miss Mack” merchandise, which includes a men’s or women’s T-shirt for $15 or a “sweet wristband” for five bucks. The site guarantees delivery by the start of the season opener at home against North Texas on August 30, 2014.

As of right now, there are few details about who exactly is behind the website. Perhaps Mack Brown is a little bored these days, or Red McCombs is still sore that no one asked for his input during the search for a new coach. Or perhaps Charlie Strong will pull a Jimmy Kimmel and reveal that he was behind the stunt all along.

And let’s also not dismiss that it could be a vast Sooner/Aggie/Bear conspiracy to sow dissension among the UT ranks (and make a few quick bucks). It could even be the same scoundrels who planted the maroon bluebonnets on UT's campus.

One thing is certain: if any Longhorn fan shows up to the first game with an “I Miss Mack” shirt, here’s hoping that Steve Patterson bans them from buying a beer.