Ole Miss attack

Ole Miss student attacked on 6th Street remains in ICU

Ole Miss student attacked on 6th Street remains in ICU

KVUE — Austin police say no arrests have been made in the case of an assault in downtown Austin. According to family friends, University of Mississippi student Carson Otter was in town for the Ole Miss football game against the University of Texas and is now being treated for life-threatening injuries at University Medical Center Brackenridge.

A hospital spokesman says he can not confirm whether Otter is in their care.

KVUE News has learned family members are asking for prayers, according to Sparky Reardon, Ole Miss dean of students.

A spokesperson with the Austin Police Department says the victim hit his head on the ground during a downtown assault. It happened around 2 am on Saturday near the intersection of East 7th Street and Trinity Street.

Investigators say Otter was walking and started to argue with another man who was a passenger in a four-door, silver vehicle. The passenger exited the vehicle and punched Otter, who then fell to the ground and hit his head.

The attacker got back in his car and left the scene.

Veneza Bremner with APD says they do not have suspect description. They also do not know what the argument was about.

Witnesses say Otter exchanged words with occupants of a passing vehicle. Someone in the vehicle got out and punched Otter who then fell to the ground.

Family members say Otter is being treated for a brain injury.

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Ole Miss senior Carson Otter
Carson Otter (left) remains in critical condition in the UMCB Intensive Care Unit, according to reports. Otter's mother, Candy (pictured) has asked for prayers for her son on her Facebook page. Photo courtesy of Candt Otter/Facebook