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Lululemon accidently exposes women: Pants deemed too see-through pulled by yoga giant

Lululemon pants deemed too see-through, pulled by yoga giant

Lululemon Athletica, yoga pants, see-through
Thought you were safe from the panty-exposure? Think again. Lululemon Athletica/Flickr

I have found myself, on more than one occasion, justifying the pricey workout pants at Lululemon for two reasons: They'll last forever if you take good care of them, and they offer the perfect balance of thickness and stretch, which translates to exactly the right amount of support and coverage.

But a letter published by the yoga clothier on Monday revealed that a recent batch of the brand's black Luon bottoms wasn't quite up to standard, resulting in "increased sheerness" — and presumably the same embarrassing Downward Dog-induced panty-exposure that one might expect from a flimsy pair of $9.99 leggings.

 A recent batch of the brand's black Luon bottoms wasn't quite up to standard, resulting in "increased sheerness."  

Lulu estimates that the compromised quality, which began in early March, represents approximately 17 percent of the women's bottoms in their stores — and anticipates a near-term shortage of that signature style.

This is the least of Lululemon's problems: In the wake of the news, the company's stock experienced a sharp drop on Monday and Tuesday, and the Financial Post reports that officials expect "fiscal first-quarter sales of $333 million to $343 million, down from its prior forecast of $350 million to $355 million." 

Lululemon is offering full refunds or exchanges to the customers who purchased the faulty pants.