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Explore Austin helps underserved youth to make positive life choices like avoiding risky behavior, developing healthy relationships, and advancing their education. Through leadership training, long-term mentoring, and outdoor adventure, Explore Austin hopes to improve the wellbeing of each participant, their families, and the community. Over the course of the six-year program, each explorer spends more than 1,300 hours with their mentors and fellow teammates, creating life-long changes in character, integrity, courage, and resilience

Becoming a mentor volunteer for Explore Austin includes a three to six-year volunteer commitment, regular programming one Saturday a month during the academic year and one week in the summer, and direct mentoring to 15 Austin-area teens. Head here for more information.

By making a three-year commitment to give $5,000 or more each year, members of Explore Austin's Pathfinders club lead the way by empowering underserved youth to become leaders through mentoring and outdoor adventure.