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IssueVoter is a non-partisan online platform and your guide to contacting Congress. Since its founding, IssueVoter has become the first-ever technology platform to provide a 21st-century constituent relationship — at the individual level — in every district in the United States.

Individuals use IssueVoter to get alerts about new bills, send opinions to their rep before Congress votes, and track whether s/he represents them. IssueVoter summarizes bills in plain language, along with what both sides are saying, and is the only platform providing a personalized rep scorecard — helping you keep elected officials accountable and be a more informed voter at the next election.

Become a patron at any level and your tax-deductible contribution goes straight to solving the root causes of civic disengagement, making our democracy work again. Recurring donations are the best way to give steady support.

Show off your support by shopping IssueVoter merchandise. Follow and share @IssueVoter on social media; you can even expose the exact percentage that your representative actually represents your viewpoints.

IssueVoter is looking for people interested in serving as advisors and organizations who want to provide civic engagement for their community. For more details, email founder Maria Yuan at info@issuevoter.org.

The organization will be kicking off a series of Community Conversations in 2020. These events bring together individuals who sent opinions on opposite sides of bills to practice active listening and civil discourse.

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