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HAAM, the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians, provides access to affordable healthcare for Austin’s low-income working musicians, with a focus on prevention and wellness. Since its founding in 2005, HAAM has helped almost 5,000 local musicians access a range of healthcare appointments, including dental work, doctor visits, prescriptions, psychiatric counseling, eye exams, out-patient procedures, specialist referrals, and hearing screenings. 

HAAMbassadors serve as the face of the organization around town. Volunteer opportunities are available year-round and include taking donations at concerts, spreading the word about HAAM, and helping the staff in a variety of ways. To become a HAAMbassador, sign up here, then attend an orientation.

HAAM Day is the organization's biggest fundraiser, taking place September 11, 2018. On HAAM Day, Austin businesses and music venues across the city host over 200 performances from local musicians and donate a portion of the day's sales to support HAAM. 

HAAM also hosts an annual Corporate Battle of the Bands, where local professionals get the chance to "unleash their inner rock star for a good cause."

Working musicians living in Austin or a surrounding county may be eligible to become a HAAM member.

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