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The Big Silence Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides resources and support to anyone directly or indirectly impacted by mental illness. It raises awareness, promotes understanding, and aims to bring together people and organizations who want to improve public attitudes toward mental health and normalize conversations surrounding mental health topics and experiences. The Big Silence believes that sharing personal experiences will inspire and empower others to realize they don’t need to face their mental health challenges alone. The goal is to erase the stigma surrounding mental health topics and create a society which values the importance of integrating mental health conversations into daily lives.

Donations help the movement provide resources and education, raise awareness, inspire compassion, and bring people together through open conversations about mental illness and other mental health issues, so people impacted by mental health challenges can heal and thrive better. The Big Silence podcast is a supportive, educational space featuring in-depth conversations with psychologists, spiritual leaders, wellness influencers, public figures, and anyone who wants to share their story in order to inspire others to do the same. Are you an expert in the field of mental health and wellness? Email contact@thebigsilence.com< a>. The Share Your Silence campaign helps to bring individual stories surrounding mental health topics into the community. The resources page helps connect individuals seeking help. Speaking events, panels, and engagements with founder Karena Dawn highlight mental health and wellness. You can also support The Big Silence and start a conversation by wearing the nonprofit's clothing and accessories.

There are speaking events, panels, and engagements with founder Karena Dawn that highlight mental health and wellness. An annual fundraiser and silent auction, featuring mental health talks and live music, takes place annually in the spring at Villa Artique.

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