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Warrior Companion is a one-of-a-kind, donation-supported organization formed in 2014 and based in Austin that provides health care insurance for service animals of disabled American military veterans.

Achieved through direct donations and institutional and individual partnerships, the foundation seeks to minimize veteran's concerns related to their service animal care and preserve its readiness for duty.

In addition to financial concerns, disabled veterans face many challenges in their lives. Warrior Companion seeks to alleviate some of these challenges by significantly reducing or eliminating the financial obligation for the care of their service animal, to extend the life of the animal, to maintain the readiness of the animal, and provide peace of mind to the veteran for whom the animal serves.

Help make veterans with service animals aware of Warrior Companions, and volunteer or attend events yourself.

The Lone Star Food and Brew will be at Star Hill Ranch on January 26, 2020. Amateurs, professionals, and restaurants are invited to come out and enter their best chili, and all Central Texas breweries are encouraged to enter and have the public crown the best brewery in Central Texas. The winner will have their name attached to a service animal and veteran funded through Warrior Companions.

There is also a golf event at the Hills Country Club in Lakeway scheduled for mid-next year.

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