Blackout at House of Torment

Photo courtesy of House of Torment

Similar to their Darkstalkers event, Blackout will take place in total darkness with plenty of monsters and mayhem waiting to creep and leap from the gloom. Each group will receive a single glow stick to help them navigate the pitch black city. But beware! The terrible creatures that lurk in the darkness will try to take your light from you, and once they do, you will not get another.

It is up to each brave soul to find their way out, but it is a good idea to work together with your group when seeking the exit and an end to the madness. There is not one set route for escape — no predetermined path. Choices will need to be made as there are multiple paths, all of which are filled with their own obstacles and scares. If your group cannot find its way out or if anyone becomes too frightened, they will not be escorted out, but instead will need to tackle their fears and forge ahead back into the light.



Highland Mall
6001 Airport Boulevard
Austin, TX 78758


Tickets: $19.99
All events are subject to change due to weather or other concerns. Please check with the venue or organization to ensure an event is taking place as scheduled.