2015 House of Torment

Photo Courtesy of House of Torment

House of Torment - Austin’s oldest, gruesomely haunted house - is rising from the dead of summer and ready to psychologically thrill and chill fans. With superstition on House of Torment’s side, the haunt’s 13th year is set to be its scariest to date. Featuring terrifying troublemakers and tormented souls from the underworld, House of Torment will showcase three new themed attractions complete with movie-quality scenes, costumes and special effects make-up: the Dead End District, Hex of the Harvest and Laughterhouse.

Dead End District
Dead End District, a new district taking over previous years’ Blackthorne, is a place full of chaos and destruction. The area, which has suffered from 13 years of full-fledged fear, is now at war against the dead, thanks to wayward scientist Dr. Ectobus’ (Blackthorne Asylum’s half human-half insect head researcher) and Marax’s (the Ancient of Time) opening of a horrific rift causing “deadites” to infiltrate the area. Once in, visitors may not get out alive as they become one of the marauders fighting for survival inside the Dead End District.

For its 2015 leading show, House of Torment has added new special effects, horrific scenes and updated routing layouts and experiences to create Dead End District. Appealing to pop-culture with a twist, this new venue is designed to portray a real Mad Max meets Walking Dead vibe and features a large cast of live performers throughout. Guests will surely receive a few surprise visits from terrifying ghouls before making their way out.

Hex of the Harvest
Surrounded by over 250 pumpkins throughout, as well as ritualistic paintings that induce an enchantingly dark, hex feel, the witches who occupy Hex of the Harvest have spent years casting their spells and curses against enemies and anyone who has double-crossed them. Evils lurk within, featuring the Ancient of the Harvest who seeks to collect the terror and tears of his victims. This central, iconic character, also known as the “Pumpking,” is a horrifying figure with a pumpkin for a head. Hex of the Harvest offers fans a frightful set with a legendary-like Halloween feel complemented by terrifying and horrific creatures to create a truly unnerving Halloween production. Visitors can test their fears of the darkside and find out who in their group is the most afraid of superstition by touring the Hex of the Harvest.

Laughterhouse is the stomping grounds of deranged, chainsaw-wielding clowns in the fallen Blackthorne District’s Slaughterhouse. The fears and screams of those who enter only strengthen these roaming anarchists. Fanatics will have to experience this dark circus for themselves to test whether the Laughterhouse and its twisted clowns will have them shrieking and/or laughing aloud.

This year, Austin’s favorite Halloween scare spot is offering a limited-time only run of $13 dollar tickets for fanatics of fear. These tickets will go fast, so consumers are advised to follow House of Torment on social media or sign up for their newsletter for the most up-to-date information and announcements. But for those that don’t make the cut, House of Torment’s opening weekend will have tickets starting at $19.99.

House of Torment also features dynamic entry pricing from September to November, making a trip through the haunt accessible to more patrons. On nights that typically draw fewer guests, tickets start at $24.99. For more in-demand nights such as weekends, passes sell for $26.99, while tickets for high-volume nights (including Halloween) retail at $28.99.



House of Torment (closed)
523 E Highland Mall Blvd
Austin, TX 78752


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