Nerd Nite 39: Boo!


What's scarier than being by yourself on a Wednesday night? Seriously, it's like the existential abyss of weeknights. Wouldn't you rather huddle in the gloom together to hear some nerdy talks...from the dark side???

Ok, then.

This month’s agenda:


"20 Hits from Hell," by George Royer

While you were cranking the caffeine to study chemistry or classics, George Royer was likely flipping through UHF channels and obscure video libraries to mine the deep cuts of horror film lore. Luckily, we get to see his results without the insomnia -- an analysis of twenty obscure, outrageous, and wonderful pre-1980's horror gems that you (probably) never knew you needed to love.


"BLOOD!" by Edwin Wise

Sadly, there is only one venue where it is both legal and socially acceptable to kill your friends for fun and profit - the modern haunted house. Edwin will review the chemistry and physics ingenuity behind the blood and blood effects used to scare the bejeezus out of us every October.


"The Dark Side of Human Mating," by David Buss

Sexual conflict permeates human mating. Co-evolutionary arms races between the sexes include deceptive mating strategies and coevolved defenses against deception. These conflicts have favored a host of sexual strategies, including (1) sexual deception; (2) sexual exploitation; (3) sexual infidelity; (4) mate poaching; (5) jealousy and mate guarding; (6) stalking and violence; and (7) the murder of mates and sexual rivals.



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