Trouble Puppet Presents: The Crapstall Street Boys

Photo courtesy of Trouble Puppet Theater Company

Mister and Missus can’t help thinking that if only they didn’t have the expense of clothing and feeding You Lad, they could afford the Household Weapon for Monster Defense (Household WMD), the very latest in Anti-Monster Security Systems technology. Then they hit upon a brilliant solution that gets the boy off their hands, brings in the money for the Household WMD, and ultimately brings about the realization of their worst nightmare. A darkly funny, post-industrial Dickensian fable featuring a variety of styles of puppets, including Czech marionettes and bunraku-style (three-person) puppets.

Offering a rare opportunity to bring children to a Trouble Puppet show, The Crapstall Street Boys doesn't feature mature language but it does contain its normal grotesquerie, such as decapitations and monsters. But if kids can be entertained for a feature-length show then they are more than welcome to attend.



Salvage Vanguard Theater
2803 Manor Rd.
Austin, TX 78722


Tickets: $12-$50
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